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Jan 10, Jan 6, Net Worth Update December Jan 2, Future Proof Shares - Happy Edition! Dec 28, Dec 21, Dec 16, Dec 14, Dec 12, Dec 9, Dec 7, Dec 5, Dec 3, Dec 2, Nov 30, Nov 25, A Time to be Thankful. Nov 21, Nov 18, Nov 16, Nov 14, Nov 11, Credit Card Bonus Offers. Daily Deal Sites. Jul 15, Jul 2, Future Proof Toolkit: Podcasts. Jun 1, Future Proof Toolkit: Medical References.

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Never miss out! Miles to Memories. Share on Facebook. Crapo of Idaho issued a statement of apology after being pulled over and arrested in a suburb of Washington, D. Bah humbug! The documentation is scanty With Christmas all-but upon us, Amazon Web Services has issued a gift to a certain type of Sysadmin: a command line interface for its cloud computing services. Bee venom is said to have an effect on female skin similar to Botox injections, tightening the skin and making wrinkles and other signs of aging appear less pronounced than before. Unlike Botox, however, bee venom does not need to be injected, and can be absorbed through the skin naturally as an ingredient of cosmetic skin creme.

Now comes the kicker: A special electrified device that causes bees to sting a synthetic membrane and release their venom can harvest about one gram of bee venom from 20 bee hives. That one gram of bee venom is worth a whopping dollars. This makes bee venom almost seven times more valuable than gold, which, in comparison, is worth only about 53 dollars per gram.

Advocates say a ban on adoptions by Americans would end up further fraying a disastrously overwhelmed foster care and orphanage system in Russia. The authorities said Senator Michael Crapo of Idaho had been arrested and charged with driving under the influence in a Washington, D. With little more than a week left to avert huge tax increases and spending cuts, attention moved to the less polarized chamber, where several Republicans openly back an agreement. Administrators say students can finish in three years, instead of four, without compromise to their training.

The Giants allowed total yards of offense to the Ravens, who converted 11 0f 18 third downs, and have been outscored in their last two games.

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An anonymous reader writes "Google on Friday announced that it is changing its stance for silently installing extensions in its browser. New submitter dgrobinson writes "NY Times reports that West Antarctica has warmed more over the last half century than was first thought. A paper released Sunday by the journal Nature Geoscience found that the temperature at a research station in the middle of West Antarctica has warmed by 4.

That is roughly twice as much as scientists previously thought and three times the overall rate of global warming, making central West Antarctica one of the fastest-warming regions on earth.

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Video of a Dec. Democrats and Republicans paid tribute to Daniel K. Inouye, the long-serving senator from Hawaii who died on Dec.

New characters — Katniss Everdeen, Ted the foul-mouthed bear — and familiar ones lifted North American ticket sales in At , square feet, the new Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam gloms onto the rear of the old one, a beloved red-and-white-striped, lateth-century Neo-Renaissance brick pile by Adriaan Willem Weissman. After a Justice Department investigation into e-book price-fixing, the cost of buying an e-book was supposed to plunge, but sales of e-readers and the content for them have stalled.

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An anonymous reader writes "A Metro version of VLC, the popular free and open-source media player, is coming to Windows 8. There are also plans to port it afterwards to Windows Phone 8. Joe Johnson scored 22 points and the Nets, who had lost 8 of 10 coming into the game, repelled a late charge by Philadelphia. Google-as-curator is upon us Google has taken two steps to prevent its Chrome browser becoming an attack vector for malware that runs as extensions to the browser. An anonymous reader writes "Samsung announced a milestone on its development of 14nm manufacturing semiconductors, claiming that it offers major advantages to system-on-chip devices using in consumer electronic products especially lower power.

They recently taped out a Cortex-A7 processor with this technology, calling it a significant milestone for the fabless ecosystem.

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I loved Christmas so much I had destroyed it; I had choked my precious Yule puppy to death. Weak PC sales this holiday season suggest the struggles of Microsoft and other companies that depend heavily on the computer business will not abate soon. The NSA was originally supposed to handle foreign intelligence, and leave the domestic spying to other agencies, but Presto Vivace writes with this bit from CNET: "'The National Security Agency's Perfect Citizen program hunts for vulnerabilities in 'large-scale' utilities, including power grid and gas pipeline controllers, new documents from EPIC show.

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With a new generation of princesses and a new generation of visitors thronging to see them, Disney World had only one option: more. In a scathing rant posted to a GNU project mailing list, the maintainer of grep and sed announced that he was quitting the GNU project over technical and administrative disagreements.

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Additionally, he noted that the FSF is not doing enough to help GNU "Projects such as gnash are bound to have constant funding problems despite being and having been for years in the FSF's list of high priority projects. Finally: "Attaching the GNU label to one's program has absolutely no attractiveness anymore. People expect GNU to be as slow as an elephant, rather than as slick as a gazelle, and perhaps they are right.

Projects such as LLVM achieve a great momentum by building on the slowness of GNU's decision processes, and companies such as Apple get praise even if they are only embracing these projects to avoid problems with GPLv3.

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Wired profiles Athey Moravetz , a game developer who quit the business to raise her kids, who built WarpZone , a massively successful Etsy store selling 3D printed, nerdy cookie-cutters: While many homemakers have a secret cookie recipe, Moravetz has a small fleet of MakerBots. A section of the river was expected to be closed when levels dip so low that it will become dangerous for tugboats to travel without scraping the river bottom.

He has also published the first in a two-book series. Leaders of the National Rifle Association said Sunday that they would fight any new limits introduced in Congress and would not aid a task force established by President Obama. This produces transcripts much faster than any lone transcriber for as little one-eighth what you pay a transcription service. Better still, workers keep 91 percent of the money you spend.

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New research suggests that the huge ice sheet there may be vulnerable to collapse, with potentially drastic effects on the sea level. An anonymous reader writes "Any Slashdot thread about drive failure is loaded with good advice about EOL — but what about the beginning? Instead of moving back to their home towns, some affluent New Yorkers with children are buying apartments near their own so their parents can be closer to the grandchildren. The Yankee outfielder Raul Ibanez, whose late-inning home runs last season made him a fan favorite, was reported to have agreed to a deal with the Seattle Mariners.

Activists said Syrian warplanes conducted deadly airstrikes that killed dozens of people lined up for bread at a bakery in the central town of Hilfaya. Eventually, Oahu's Koolau and Waianae mountains will dwindle to little more than a flat, low-lying island like Midway.

While erosion is certainly a guilty party, researchers contend that the mountains of Oahu are, in fact, dissolving from within.